« 'I read all of them but I didn't read the last one'. Doesn't that mean that you didn't read all of them? » — Anonymous

I meant I didn’t like the last one haha I’m so tired lol

« Aw why didn't you like Allegiant? » — Anonymous

I just didn’t like how everything played out in the end

« Awesome! Did you read the books? Also you should make some gifsets of it :) » — Anonymous

yes I read all of them but I didn’t like the last one :/ you can find some gifsets under ‘creations’ :)

« Do you like Divergent? » — Anonymous

yeah :)

« Have you read 'Dark Places' and would you recommend it? » — Anonymous

Yes, I’d recommend it if you like mystery books :) 

« Can you do gifs of Rosamund Pike in An education? » — Anonymous

maybe tomorrow :)