« You could have froze everything in that GIF but the girl and limited the colors a little and you would have been able to fit the whole sentence in the GIF. This is why we get posted to reddit/r/shittytumblrgifs » — Anonymous

ehm I can gif however I want to, it’s my blog 

« yes, i totally agree about robb. i really liked talisa, but book robb's storyline made much more sense in relation to his character. it's a shame too because richard madden was fantastic as robb and they should have handled that arc better. » — Anonymous

yeah I agree with you :/ 

« Hi, have you seen the Camp X-Ray trailer yet? It looks amazing. » — Anonymous

No, I’m trying to stop watching trailers of movies I want to watch, I only watch trailers now if I’m unsure if I’ll see the film or not or if I’ve read the book the movie is based on :)

« about argo, tony mendez is white tho?? you can be white and from mexico. being latin american doesn't mean being of color really. so would the white-washing apply there? » — Anonymous

I’ve never seen argo idk xD

« What race do you think Katniss was? I remember in the book she had olive skin and black hair, but it gets kind of tricky with Prim since not many non caucasians have blonde hair. » — Anonymous

hmm idk really? maybe something mixed idk :P, well not that tricky they could dye someone’s hair (I’m talking about the actress and not prim lol) they do it all the time .__.

« who in the hunger games was white washed? » — Anonymous

a lot of roles for example, the biggest role KATNISS EVERDEEN was whitewashed :)